Get the Most From Your Roofing Insurance Claim

Get the Most From Your Roofing Insurance Claim

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When something as essential as your roof has been damaged, we know how stressful handling the repairs and insurance claim can be. LifeBuilders Construction in Owensboro, KY can help you manage your roofing insurance claims, as well as the roof repairs after.

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Roofing insurance claims process

What seems like a complicated process can be broken down into the four steps below. To get the most money from your claim possible, you need to:

1.Call us-after a severe weather event or accident, you should reach out to us. Our contractors will provide you with a free inspection and estimate.
2.Call your insurance-once you've talked to us, report the incident to your insurance provider; they'll appoint a claims adjustor to come view the damage.
3.Update our insurance specialist-when the insurance adjustor comes, make sure our specialist is there to catch any mistakes and ensure you're being treated fairly.
4.Have your roof repaired-once everything is processed with your insurance, you can trust our roof repair specialists to fix your roof.

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